Lime History

When my father started this business in 1959, it took the sweat of his brow and the strength of his heart to make it work. And in those days, if a man put enough of his sweat and heart into a dream, it usually became a dream come true.

Today, however, heart alone isn’t good enough. With razor sharp competition out there, not only does a man have to work harder, he has to work smarter.

Here at Lime Contracting, we’ve worked out ways to lower costs on exterior restoration, without lowering the standards my father established 50 years ago. The kinds of standards and quality that went into our exterior restoration work on The Empire State Building, The Puck Building, and The American Stock Exchange Building.

Look give us a call and we’ll give you 50 years of heart-to-heart experience. Because my father wouldn’t want it any other way, and frankly; neither would I.

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